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Low Gravity Blues - Big Blood

The Grove

Big Blood is an experimental, psychedelic folk band from Portland, Maine, United States who formed in 2006. Rising from the ashes of Cerberus Shoal, Big Blood, is described as a' phantom four piece' consisting of Asian Mae, Caleb Mulkerin, Rose Philistine and Colleen Kinsella performing in reality as a duo. An intimate team, walking blind through each other's songs, presenting unique and eerie recordings that do not conform to standard genre classifications. Their output is prolific and comprises numerous offshoots including Big Blood & The Bleedin' Hearts and collaborations such as Visitations & Big Blood. Their music is freely available to download here: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Big_Blood/ Lives in perfect coordination with Fire on Fire. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
Creepin' Crazy Time  0.00 Min
Dead Song  0.00 Min
Oh My Child  0.00 Min
She-Wander(er)  0.00 Min
Ringers in the Fold  0.00 Min
Reverse Hymnal  0.00 Min
This is Record, OK?  0.00 Min
... Is All We Have  0.00 Min
Waiting Is ...  0.00 Min
A Spiral Down  0.00 Min
Glory Daze  0.00 Min
Homebody Blues  0.00 Min
In The Shade  0.00 Min
Vitamin C  0.00 Min
Song for RO-HE-GE  0.00 Min
Moo-Hoo  0.00 Min
RUN  0.00 Min
New Eyes  0.00 Min
No Gravity Blues  0.00 Min
A Troublesome Lot I  0.00 Min
Little Lepers  0.00 Min
Shrining Light  0.00 Min
Headstone 1974  0.00 Min
She Said Nothing  0.00 Min
Curtain Call  0.00 Min
A Hole in One  0.00 Min
Coming Home Pt. III  0.00 Min
Beast (1 Beast)  0.00 Min
Daughter  0.00 Min
Low Gravity Blues  0.00 Min
Restless Purity  0.00 Min
Sequins  0.00 Min
Spit Shine  0.00 Min
Moonin' Away  0.00 Min
Saints & Lepers  0.00 Min
Song for Baltimore  0.00 Min
Graceless Lady  0.00 Min
Baron in the Trees  0.00 Min